Developing and Maintaining a Construction Refueling Route

Construction Refueling Route

The nitty-gritty of any fuel dispensing operation is the sales amount at the end of each month! Refueling consumer stations, heating oil for residence and office buildings are the old reliables. They stabilize and become a reliable income for an operation, but where do you develop growth? There are more consumer stations to add and more residential customers who may be ready to switch. Your internal sales force should be actively cold calling to find those nuggets that can add to the list of regulars.  

Build up extra business

Your sales component should be actively scouring your area for extra business at construction sites in your delivery area. Construction sites have big machines that need constant refueling.  

Construction Sites!

Most construction sites conduct their refueling on-site, but those storage tanks need filling. The price point you offer a construction project for refueling is what will get the contract, but first, you have to find these sites and make an offer.

  • Put a bounty on site referrals! If any of your drivers on their daily routes see a new construction site have them refer it to sales for a cash bounty.  
  • Have a salesperson check with the city halls in your delivery area. See what construction has been recently approved and who the contractor is. This practice is the ideal early bird situation.
  • Do you have a salesperson visiting construction sites? Develop those relationships.

Emergency Generators

Winter is emergency generator season. If the power has gone out in your delivery area, then emergency generators will need to be replenished. Have you developed a list of hospitals, departments of public works, fire and police departments, and storage places that might need a refill? The amount of emergency generators out there is growing!

Remember it is good business to remember the ABC rule! “Always Be Closing” Finding new business is the key to your companies growth. These are just two steps to add to your company’s bottom line.


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